Flite CSA 15" Composite Toe Rubber Boot

Flite CSA 15" Composite Toe Rubber Boot


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Made from Aerex1.5.5®– a proprietary, chemical-resistant, thermally-insulative,
microcellular polymer, resulting in boots that are over 40% lighter compared to most
steel toe PVC and rubber knee boots. Superior chemical resistance to fats, oils,
hydrocarbons, certain acids, and caustics makes Flite an excellent choice for food processing and petrochemical applications.

Ideal Applications: Wide Variety of Food Processing (Dairy, Meats, Vegetables, and Refrigerated/Frozen Foods), Farm/Ag, Chemical, and Petrochemical.
Chemical Resistance: Fats, oils, ketones, alcohols, hydrocarbons, acids, alkalies, caustics, and other chemicals.

● Meets CSA Z195 for toe impact, puncture resistance, and ESR (Omega)* requirements.
● Composite safety toe won't transfer cold or set off metal detectors.
● Durable, seamless construction is 100% liquid proof and resistant to a wide range of chemicals.
● Slip-Resistant, nitrile rubber outsole provides superior grip on dry and wet, clean and contaminated surfaces.

● Made from Aerex 1.5.5® to be lightweight and antifatigue.*
● Calf-Relief Topline (CRT)™ is not only stylish, it provides easier on and off and roomier calf space.
● Beveled heel for reduced back and leg strain.
● Tread wear indicators to show when half the tread has worn away.

*Electric Shock Resistance (ESR) soles and heels are intended to reduce the
hazards due to accidental contact with live electrical circuits, electrically energized
conductors, parts or apparatus. Electric Hazard soles and heels are not intended
for wear in those work environments where volatile chemicals or explosives may
be present, where conductive footwear is required.

Warning: Electric Hazard features of the soles and heels will deteriorate in wet
environments, and when worn with excessive wear on the soles and heels.

**Jones BH, et. al. Ergonomics, Aug. 1984. Every pound reduced in footwear
weight is like 5 pounds off your back and 5% less energy expended.

The green triangle and orange Omega icons are registered trademarks of the CSA Group.

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